Douglas Blair aloittaa Rock Campin vierailevana valmentajana!

Douglas on tehnyt pitkän uran artistina. Hänet tunnetaan parhaiten yhtyeestä W.A.S.P.

Welcome to our team Douglas !

"Hello, I have played lead guitar in Los Angeles(US)'s W.A.S.P. in 1992 and since 2006. Thousands of shows and 5 records, around the world. But I have been teaching private guitar lessons even longer, since 1985 -- and I love it! More recently, I moved to Finland to coach bands in association with the nationwide organization Rock Academy Finland.

I also design and build guitars, and love to develop weird instruments that do new things. I have attended and graduated Ikata School of Guitar Building in Ikaalinen. I also love to engineer live sound, and have been doing this professionally since 1994. Thousands of shows, and very happy to mix awesome young bands here in Finland.

At Rock Camp, I'd love to share my experience from _all _of these sides: touring, performing on stage, writing, recording and finding your own musical style. Crafting your personal tone and customizing your tools -- your instruments. Listening critically to all parts of a band, whether while playing with them or while engineering their sound. It's all part of the big picture."

- Douglas Blair







040 463 7626 | Satu Haveri
040 463 7626 | Satu Haveri
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