The Rock Camp is focused to young people of all ages. Preliminary thought was to offer communal positive experiencies for youth through the music, which would help them to acquire new friends and content to their lives. First Rock Camp took place at 2009 in Ähtäri, located to western part of Finland.

Primary idea ever since the beginning has been that participation fee of the camp must be as low as possible. This is to prevent inequality between youth from different economical backgrounds. Rock Camp team has received a positive feedback from camp participants and parents as well. In addition of this a constant connection between youth is continuing even after camp is finished.

There is not any requirement to be a skillfull to play some instrument, all is needed is a pure interest to music. Instrument can be borrowed from the camp team if you don´t have it at your own.

Rock Camp goals:
We aim to encourage youth to get know a whole diversity of music, different instruments and find ones own style. Constructional feedback is given to youth what they have learned and furthermore encourage them to learn more. There is also photo shootings and stylings at the camp, this aims to increase self esteem of the youth. We strongly emphasize youth own personality and show that everyone is good as they are.

Respect and appreciation of other people is also learned during the camp. Playing at the same band with youth of different ages increases tolerance and is challenging them to use their social skills. Everyone has their important position in the band, youth who normally are more quiet or not so active are growing to important part of the band dynamics.

Rock Camp supports and values alcohol and drug-free rock scene youth culture. Music keeps a strong role in many youth life. With an aid of the music we want to prevent mental disorders and anxiety of the youth. We strongly encourage them to be proud of themselves despite the dominant beauty and style ideals of the present day commonity.

Be yourself, Be Rock, Don´t think what others think.
040 463 7626 | Satu Haveri
040 463 7626 | Satu Haveri
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