What is rock camp?

The feedback we have received has been staggering. Many have made new friendships, networks have been created through us, and young people have learned that they are accepted exactly the way they are.

Since 2009, Rock Camp has organized music camps, lessons and events for children and young adults. The idea of Rock Camp came from how to bring new experiences and content into young people’s lives through music.

It is essential to teach how to value, how to respect and how to consider other people. Playing in the same band with people of different ages and backgrounds increases tolerance and a sense of community: music is a unifying factor, regardless of the enthusiast’s attributes.

In a group, those who easily get pulled aside and are a little quieter, grow to be an important part of the group’s dynamics and are encouraged to express themselves in a positive way.

With its activities, Rock Camp supports a drug-free and positive rock-spirited youth culture. In the lives of many young people, music plays a decisive role, and we want to use music as a tool to reduce mental problems and anxiety and bring supportive content to youth’s lives.

The Rock Camp crew was awarded at the Long Live Suomirock Gala in 2019 for long-term youth work.

The dream came true in September 2021 when Rock Camp got its first permanent location in the heart of Seinäjoki. This allows for a wide range of year-round activities.

We encourage young people to be proud of themselves despite the prevailing ideals of beauty. “Be yourself, be Rock, no matter what other people think of you.” Attitude is the most important!

Welcome to our great team!

The Rock Camp crew