Our music school aims to bring well-being into the lives of young people and adults through music by offering new experiences and meaningful content. Since 2009, we have organized music camps for young people, training sessions with top coaches, and unforgettable events. We want to support holistic well-being through music, creating a space where people can express their emotions. Playing, singing, or simply listening to music can help release feelings that might be difficult to express in words, thereby reducing stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions.

Year-Round Music School

We offer year-round music education for those over 13 years of age, providing opportunities for adults to develop their musical skills. Additionally, we organize various events and music camps to bring variety and new experiences. You can join us without any prior experience in playing or singing. Everyone is encouraged to be themselves. We tailor personal learning plans for each participant, taking into account their preferences and goals.

Supporting Well-Being Through Music

Our music school is much more than just instrument and singing lessons. We focus on supporting well-being by offering a safe and encouraging environment where everyone can grow and develop. Music is a powerful tool for building self-esteem and social skills.

Building Self-Esteem

Learning to play an instrument or sing not only brings a sense of achievement but also fosters self-confidence. It’s more than just developing technical skills—it’s a journey toward stronger self-esteem and increased confidence. This confidence can reflect in other areas of life.

Performances are crucial for building self-esteem. The first time someone steps on stage, it can be daunting. However, when they receive applause and see the audience appreciate their effort, it boosts their confidence. Our experienced coaches act as positive role models, offering support and guidance, and encouraging young people to set and achieve goals. This positive support can help prevent social isolation and strengthen self-esteem.

Preventing Social Exclusion

Music plays a significant role in preventing social exclusion and promoting social inclusion. We encourage acceptance of everyone with their differences, emphasizing that each person is valuable just as they are. Music provides an avenue for expressing feelings and sharing experiences, which can help combat loneliness and offer ways to cope with life’s challenges. Our experienced coaches act as positive role models, offering support and guidance, which can help prevent social exclusion and build self-esteem.

Zero Tolerance for Bullying

Our music school has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. We do not tolerate any form of physical, verbal, or social bullying. This means that we take immediate action when bullying is observed, and we put in place necessary measures. Here, everyone can express themselves freely without fear of discrimination or bullying. We encourage everyone to treat others with respect and work toward a strong sense of community.

Heavy No to Bullying

Bullying is a serious issue that can cause deep distress, loss of self-esteem, and social problems. Bullying is violence, and we do everything to ensure that our music school is a safe and positive environment where everyone can be themselves without fear of bullying or discrimination. “Heavy No to Bullying” started in the fall of 2023 after Olivia took her own life due to school bullying. Our first event was on January 6, 2024, at Seinäjoki’s Rytmikorjaamo. Learn more about the event [INSERT INTERNAL LINK HERE].

Constructive and Positive Culture

We are building a positive culture where everyone feels valued. This means focusing on good behavior, kindness, and mutual respect. When the environment is positive and encouraging, there is no room for bullying.

Social Community

Our music school creates a community where participants can meet like-minded people and form strong friendships. Playing and singing together strengthens team spirit and teaches teamwork, which is a valuable skill in other areas of life. This community and peer support help build self-esteem, as you learn that you are not alone. Group learning and performing together strengthen the sense of belonging and build courage. When participants feel part of a community, receive support, and find positive role models, the risk of social exclusion is significantly reduced.

Creativity and Inspiration

Creating and listening to music can inspire and open new perspectives. Our music school offers space for creativity, encouraging participants to experiment with different music styles and develop their own ideas. This creative freedom leads to new insights and personal growth.

Support and Guidance

Our music school’s teachers are experienced musicians and professionals who support and guide students on their individual journeys. They offer constructive feedback and encourage young people to set and achieve goals. This kind of personal support can be crucial for well-being.

Positive Feedback and Encouragement

Our coaches provide positive feedback and encouragement. This supports the growth of self-esteem and helps participants feel valued. When you experience a supportive community, it builds confidence and trust in your abilities. When people feel confident and capable through music, this attitude can help them succeed in whatever they set their mind to. This is how learning music can help build strong self-esteem and open up opportunities that last a lifetime.

If you’re interested in joining our music school’s activities or learning more about what we do, don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to help everyone find their own musical path and create an environment where everyone can thrive. Let’s create a musical experience that lasts a lifetime!

The Rock Camp crew was awarded at the Long Live Suomirock Gala in 2019 for long-term youth work.

The dream came true in September 2021 when Rock Camp got its first permanent location in the heart of Seinäjoki. This allows for a wide range of year-round activities.

We encourage young people to be proud of themselves despite the prevailing ideals of beauty. “Be yourself, be Rock, no matter what other people think of you.” Attitude is the most important!

The Rock Camp crew

Welcome to our great team!